Throwing Away the Future is a good introduction to the need for a broad-based political movement to safeguard the human rights and welfare of children, and the breadth of issues such a movement must address. --Lucia Hodgson, L.A. Village View, May 1993

Across the world and in ways both subtle and direct, nothing short of war is being waged against children. All too frequently children are victims of conventional warfare. Deprivations at home are less dramatic, but wars nonetheless. Children are the fastest-growing group to fall below the poverty line. More and more children are victims of gang-related violence. Increasing numbers of babies are born with drug dependencies or AIDS. Daily reports of child abuse and inadequacies in social services and education have become accepted realities. Teen suicides are rising. The result is children at risk and dying—every day. These poster will inform and provoke, and their message is clear: Our actions can make a difference.

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Drawn From Life

What Would You Like to be When You Grow Up?...

They Used to Make
Us Pick It

U.S. Taxpayer:
Place Hand Below

Beware Toys of War

In Virginia


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