Insidiously, from generation to generation, racism and anti-Semitism are perpetuated In Africa and the Middle East, in Europe and on the streets of Los Angeles, this legacy of intolerance threatens to accelerate the Balkanization of our communities. Race, Lies and Stereotypes explodes the myths, presenting powerful international and domestic graphics that penetrate the experience of discrimination. The exhibition illustrates historical and current events on the world stage and explores efforts to combat stereotypes. By showing the pervasiveness of bigotry and discrimination, this exhibition emphasizes that intolerance can be avoided by the active involvement of individuals to ensure that the past is not repeated.

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Justice Now!
Reparations Now!

Stop the Klan!

Contra el Racismo y el Apartheid


Who is the Antisemite?

Anne Frank

"I Don't See an American Dream, I See an ...


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