On every continent, in every nation, activists and artists are speaking with a clarity and coherence exceeding that of most U.S. politicians. Their message: as our planet shrinks, we'd better all start getting along. Marked with a memorable explosion in Seattle in 1999, grassroots protests against globalization have used the arts from puppets to posters to educate, mobilize, and inspire. The images range from haunting to humorous. As the 21st century unfolds, posters alert us that slavery and child labor persist throughout the world. Posters on racism, AIDS, nuclear proliferation, global warming, genetically modified food, and the increasing indebtedness of developing nations offer sobering messages. Can we co-exist with our enemies and rivals? We'd better learn how, or, as some environmental posters suggest, dinosaurs may indeed reclaim the earth.

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No Nukes in the Pacific


Wir Rufen die Jugend der Welt [We Call to the...



And the American Warship Sailed into the Sunset


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