The humor and artistry of protest posters offer powerful commentary on political issues. Well suited as a means to critique the powers-that-be, posters targeting the presidents of the United States demonstrate a special brand of satire. Lampooned or lambasted, these presidential posters hold our political leaders accountable for social ills, make fun of their foibles, and act as a call to spur activism around a wide range of causes. If you can laugh at someone, you can also challenge him.

Spanning administrations from Lyndon Johnson’s to the present, the posters in A Presidential Rogues Gallery have nothing in common with the traditional electoral posters that support one candidate over another. Whether mobilizing against war, criticizing social policy, or revealing hypocrisy, this exhibition targets both Republicans and Democrats.

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Part I. Introduction

Part VII. The Doctor is Out
Part II. At the Movies Part VIII. International Opinions
Part III. Boys with (war) Toys Part IX. Conclusion
Part IV. Viet Nam War Era  
Part V. Wanted  
Part VI. AmBushed  

Selected Posters from A Presidential Rogues Gallery

Great Society

Iran to the Contras

Block Bush's War

Is this your hospital's TB Policy?

Wanted for Terrorism



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