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Save the Los Angeles Peace Center! Stop the Sale!

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Since 1989, the Peace Center, created and funded through the generosity of Aris Anagnos, has provided rent-free offices and meeting spaces to diverse peace and justice groups throughout Los Angeles, enabling them to focus on the work they do best: educating and organizing for justice. The Peace Center’s continued existence is now being threatened. The building is for sale, and all the tenants have been told to leave.


To ensure that the Peace Center would permanently house its social justice tenants rent-free, Aris established the Aris and Carolyn Anagnos Peace Center Foundation. Prior to his death, the Peace Center Foundation Board voted to grant the social justice tenants at the Peace Center rent-free office space in perpetuity.  Soon, after Aris died in 2018, his son Demos Anagnos, began to undermine his father’s legacy and take actions that his father would never have approved.  Not only is he trying to sell the Peace Center, he has also filed to dissolve the Foundation.


The groups housed in the Peace Center include: the Center for the Study of Political Graphics; the National Lawyers Guild; Peace Action; California Clean Money; Common Peace;  Americans for Democratic Action; the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador; and the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala. The Peace Center’s impact extends much further. Countless progressive groups use the meeting rooms—for free—to organize, train, educate, fundraise, and celebrate. These include the Democratic Socialists of America, the Pacifica Foundation, Veterans for Peace, Jewish Voice for Peace, Health Care for All, and the American Civil Liberties Union. All that could be gone! Many of these organizations depend on the rent-free space at the Peace Center and, if taken away, may no longer be able to continue their peace and justice efforts. At a time like now, when social justice is at the forefront of the news and politics, these organizations are a critically important and vital part of the debate and cannot be lost.


A lawsuit to stop the sale of the Peace Center and challenge the dissolution of the foundation has been filed by the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. CSPG is represented by Jason H. Tokoro and  Emily Sanchirico with the law firm Miller Barondess. While CSPG is but one of the beneficiaries of Aris’ generosity, the success of this lawsuit will protect all the peace and justice organizations housed in and using the Peace Center.


At a time when civic engagement is increasingly important, it would be catastrophic to all their work, and to Aris’ vision, to destroy the Peace Center. In the midst of a pandemic that has the greatest impact on the poor and people of color, the Peace Center is needed more than ever.


We are outraged at the attempt by Demos to subvert Aris’ legacy and lifelong commitment to the cause of peace and justice. Help us win this fight by adding your name to the attached letter which we will release to the press. Thank you for joining us in a show of support for these efforts.


In solidarity,

ad hoc Committee to Save the Peace Center: 

(affiliations listed for identification only)                


Carol A. Wells, Founder and Executive Director, Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG)

Jim Lafferty, Emeritus Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild

Theresa Bonpane, Co-Founder of the Americas

Susan Adelman, President, Lucy & Isadore B. Adelman Foundation

Sherry Frumkin, Death Penalty Focus Board of Directors

Ted Hajjar, CSPG Board of Directors

Scott Johnson, CSPG Board of Directors

Shari Leinwand, Chair Emeritus ACLU Foundation SoCal

Roger Lowenstein, CSPG Board of Directors

Sonia M. Mercado, Civil Rights Lawyer

R. Samuel Paz, Civil Rights Lawyer

Bob Schwartz, Center for Cuban Studies Board of Directors

Danny Widener, President, CSPG Board of Directors


The undersigned oppose the sale of the Los Angeles Peace Center. Everyone signing will receive updates on our fight to preserve this priceless resource. No contact information will be sold or traded. 

Thank you for helping to save the Peace Center.

Sign the Petition

Thank you for your support!

The undersigned oppose the sale of the Los Angeles Peace Center. Everyone signing will receive updates on our fight to preserve this priceless resource.  No contact information will be sold or traded. 

Thank you for helping to save the Peace Center

Jane Fonda
Ed Asner
Lily Tomlin
Martin Sheen
Mike Farrell
Guerrilla Girls
Barbara Kruger
Mike Davis
Dan Bloomberg, son of Carolyn and Aris Anagnos
Judith Lyons, daughter of Carolyn and Aris Anagnos
Thalia Anagnos, daughter of Aris and Carolyn Anagnos

Halle Van Oss, granddaughter of Aris and Carolyn Anagnos
Chloe Koseff, granddaughter of Aris and Carolyn Anagnos
Jeffrey Koseff, son-in-law of Aris and Carolyn Anagnos
Orenda Johnson, granddaughter of Aris and Carolyn Anagnos
Bree Van Oss, in-law of Aris and Carolyn Anagnos

Ellen Levy, daughter of Carolyn and Aris Anagnos
Pema Levy, granddaughter of Aris and Carolyn Anagnos 

Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films
Jane Wagner, writer, producer, director
Culture Clash
Marla Stone, Board Chair, ACLU Foundation of So Cal.
The Reverend Michael J Cowan, Former National Exec. Dir., NLG
Jackie Goldberg, V.P. LAUSD Board of Education
United Food & Clothing Workers, Local 770
Suzi Weissman, Prof. Politics, Saint Mary’s College of Cal.
Paula and Barry Litt
Bob Brenner, Prof of History, UCLA
Jim Miller, Brave New Foundation
Alan Minsky, Exec. Dir., Progressive Democrats of America
Stephen Rohde, V.P. ICUJP
Steve Ross, Prof. of History, USC
Xochilt Sanchez CARECEN-LA
Gary Silbiger, Former Mayor of Culver City
Geri Silva, director of FACTS Education Fund
Paul Alan Smith, Pres., New Deal Manufacturing Co
Shakeel Syed, Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice
Attorney Dan Stormer, Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai, LLP
Kent Wong, Director, UCLA Labor Center
Betsy Kalin, Dir., “Phoenix: The Life and Death of Alice Herz”
Robert Myers, Attorney
Gilbert Saucedo, Attorney
Keith Rohman, Public Interest Investigations, Inc.
Marjorie Cohn, Law Professor
Vincent De Stefano, Pres., De Stefano & Assocs.
Rocky Lang, Writer, Producer and Director
Rick Mitz, Writer, Producer, Professor
Laurie Traktman, Gilbert & Sackman Law Firm
Victor Narro, Program Dir., UCLA Labor Center
White People 4 Black Lives (L.A. affiliate of SURJ)
Anti-Racist Action LA/People Against Racist Terror
Benina S., Westside Branch Co-Coordinator, DSA-LA
Bernie Eisenberg, Grassroots Community Radio Coalition
Sarah Jacobus, Coordinating Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace-LA
Rev. Marcia L. Hoffman, a worker for peace
Estee Chandler, Founding Organizer, Jewish Voice for Peace, LA
Dennis Kortheuer
Fernando Velazquez, independent journalist and producer
Sara Sakuma, California Clean Money
Sherna Berger Gluck, emerita, Cal State University, social justice activist
Ramsey Kanaan, Publisher/Co-Founder of PM Press
Alice Wexler, author
Judy Branfman, activist/filmmaker
Vivian Rothstein
Joel Epstein, Communications Strategy
Dr. Bill Honigman, CA State Coord, Progressive Democrats of America
Hector Villagra, Executive Director, ACLU of Southern California
Vince Warren, ED, Center for Constitutional Rights
Sandra Levinson, Executive Director, Center for Cuban Studies
Center for Cuban Studies, New York
Cynthia Anderson-Barker
Mona Field

Sue Kaplan

Lauretta Nieves

Bruce Campbell

Lisa Ferreira

Stephanie Diaz

Zoe Nissen

Olivia Diaz

Anna Bogdanovich

Sandra Low
Bob Lawson

Iris Edinger

Cindy Asner

Kathleen Sheldon

Loretta Ayeroff

Angelica Salas

Kate Wolf

Nancy Ibrahim

Tamar Halpern

Charles Bloomquist

Carol Royce-Wilder
Michelle Coe

Phyllis J. Jackson

Margaret Wertheim

Martha Goldin

Judith Gerber

Louise Shaw

Barbara Johns
Suzanne Matsumiya

Richard Kahn

Lorna Zukas

Ellen Mahoney

Julie Thompson

Brogan de Paor

Marilyn Montenegro

Bonnie Coleman

Michael Kaufman

Brenda López

Carol Watson

Laura Goldin

Joe Gallagher

Susan Berke Fogel

Frank Dorrel
Diana Douglas

Chips Mackinolty

Rick Chertoff

Wendy Murray

Victoria Best

Mark Reback

Peter Meyer

Susan Wells

Carol Schneider

Rufo Noriega

Phyllis Bennis
Armando Vazquez-Ramos

Cyrus Sajadian

Charlotte Brody


Dara Wells-Hajjar

Carol Thom

Helen Jaskoski

Linda Kent

Nora Hamilton

Nina Edelstei

Sherri Hilario

Paula Goldman

Ellen Bridle

Lenore Dowling, IHM

Kathy Converse

Agustin Lira

Karen Pomer

Carlene Brown

Pat Mathias

Laura Levinson

Paul Newman
Tony Best

Louise Katz Sullivan

Stephen Kerpen

Tami Galindo

Joelyn Brickner

Sherry Anapol

Mary Sherwood Brock

Cathleen Deppe

Ruth Galanter

Tamadhur Al-Aqeel

Mary Haskell

Caryn Ruby

Laurie Pincus

Phil Brimble

Catherine Murphy

Nikolette Orlandou

Cheryl Revkin

Casey Revkin

M. S. Epstein

Wesley DeGracia

Amy Conger

Donna Buell

Jody Krupin
Diane Black

Howard Besser

P Anna Johnson

Robert Sieczkiewicz

Tony Litwinko

Mary Brady

Glenn Berkovitz

Jessica Ritz

Tad Daley

Kay Brown

Kay Gallin

Susan  N. Masuoka

Lori Kearney

Francisco Letelier

Emilie Blanc

Gilda Haas

Tim Drescher

Cindy Bendat

Robin Doyno

Kate Kausch

Sheila Pinkel

Sarah Pillsbury
Cheryl Bianchi

David Davis

Debbie Meister

Barbara Hayden

Sylvia Aroth

Robert Parker PhD

Staci Steinberger

Barbara Rain

Nancy Rowe

Sherman Pearl

Maureen Cruise RN

Emily Winters

Barry Fisher

Greg Goldin

Rev. Jim Conn

Elissa Oblath-Johnsrud

Sam Forman

Laurence Frank

Julie Levine

Susan Millmann
Judith Bettelheim

Marcy Winograd

Casey Stoll

Clifford Tasner
Helen Sklar

Denis Recendez

Ashley Yang

Julia Tanenbaum

Ismael Parra

Barry Steiner

Lenny Potash

Doris Nelson

Riddhi  Patel

Pamela Koslow

Douglas Sherman

Archie  Fagan

Robert Moskowitz

Erika Feresten

Gary Marcus
Rheva Nickols

Patter Hellstrom

John Fortier

Huei Flowers

Dessa Kaye

Katharine Dreyfuss

Flori Schutzer

Katharine King

Haley Vallejo

Art Scotti I

Carol Fodera

Kennon Rains

Denny Karas

Nancy Greep

John P Weber

Our Revolution Los Angeles

Elizabeth Castillo

Nancy Niparko, MD Pediatric Neurologist
Petros Loannou

Jodie Evans

Yadira Arévalo

Sheila Goldner

Eurh Strauss MD

Steve Varalyay

Joseph Hancock
David Kurz

Cynthia Guthrie

Michael Tullius

Eric Ahlberg

Clare Carey

Marci Levine

Meredith Coulibaly

Armando A. Garcia

Victor J. Garza

Nicolas Rosenthal

Kirk Gaw

Karen Hellwig
Willa Seidenberg

Keith Walsh

Eric Sheppard

Ericka Avelar

Beverly Alison

Michael Reed

Susannah Teague

Rebecca Jean Emigh

Gary Nash

Mary Tyler

David Kim

Larry Lytle

Maria Tortu

Nowlin Haltom

Sharon Curtin-Bottomley

R D Stevens

Aron Llanos

Gillian Foulger

Gail Draper

Matthew Smith

Janet Lally

Chris Devlin

Lynn Rye

Alfredo de Batuc

Karen Pedersen

Prisca Gloor

Doug Bender

Steve Clare

Larry Jones
Alexis Recto

Graciela Ramirez

Lorraine Suzuki

Nicole McKeon

Ayse Arf

Yuri Shimoda

Deborah Myers

Linda Goin

Eda Hallinan

Louis Rothschild

Gabrielle Lee

Nancy Burke

Fleur Mitchell

Mindy Pfeiffer

Jeff Neff

Tina Markowe

Caroline Jorgenson

Ayanna Holmes

Donna  Perkins

Sergio Escobedo

Mariah Sander

Isaac Williams

Alexandra Morgan

Wendy Lohman

Henry Apodaca

Douglas Humble

Hope Singer

Jane Kenner

Elsa Castaneda

Stephen Benson

Paul Feinberg

Marisa Ramirez

Rita Moreno

Jennifer Arcand

Mildred Antonelli

Sonja Carlson

Pratyusha Tummala-Narra
Christy Danieri

Victor Nepomnyashchy

Linda Pollack

Joan Sekler

Millie Wilson

Ryan Rambach

Francine Danieri

Whitney Bowers

Maryam Hosseinzadeh

Cullen Parr
Inez Reyes

Evan Salce

Linda Levitz

Leni Gerber

Peter Merlin Merlin
Michelle Weiner

Jay Reed

Ann Colburn

Judith Hansen

Dorien Grunbaum

Rashelle Zelaznik

Diane Klein

Katherine Altschule

Michael Altschule

Jonathan Fields

Raisha Pacella
Sara Arditti

Walter Wittel

Larry Nelson

Barbara Mastej

Emma Jacobson-Sive

Candy Siegel

Patrick Bonner

Angelica Tratter

John Ransom

Alison Stolpa

Al Shayne

Paul Tepper

Paula Berlin

Lillyin Love

Anne Bray

Susan Reese

Genie Saffren

Flo R

Nancy Pearlman

Sandy Brown

Mike Villasenor

William Greenberg

Eric Mann

Margo Landry

Cynthia Hart
Megan Williamson

Ana Padilla

Rocky Rushing

Gregory Verini

Maria Roxana Cruz

Richard Dawson

Jeannine Frank

John Cruz

Douglas Schneeman

Barbara Wyler

Carla Woodworth

Sally Nemeth

William Hunter

Marianne Hunter

Amber Johnson
Margaret Moser

Babette Mayor

Toni Hertz

Barbara Birenbaum

Nancy Escalante

N'Yisrela Watts-Afriyie, D.Min

Sydney Levine

Graemm Bridget McGavin
Edward Landler

Rosalinf Bresnahan

Jasmine Hailey

Carissa Alvarez
Scott Hinkle

A Chalmers

Jay Levin

Mary Christ

Jarno De Bar

Irina Novarese

Nina W. Merson
Larry Dilg

Rochelle Lee

Susan Curtiss

Nancy Berlin

Roger Haber

Jihae Simmons

Wallace Meek

Stephen Keener

Craig Simmons

Carol Henning

Theresa Brady

Jade Marie Jewett

Jim Smith
Courtney Hartman

Carol Covelli-Roberts

Karl Abrams

Nancy Young

Shana Nys Dambrot

Amanda Newman

Jolie Pearl

Ron Rios

Alice Stek, MD

Fred Aronow

Esther Rios

Yansi Murga

Elizabeth Resnick

Jennifer Josten

Janet Sternburg

Michael Gasper

Lori Zimmerman

Heather Bowlan

Ernesto Collosi
Kristi Upson-Saia

Sally Stein
Alicia Gonzalez

Rhoden Streeter

Mike Suhd

Jamie Angell

Alain Valtat

Amos Himmelstein

Poli Marichal
Candace Carnicelli

Rebecca McGrew

Carole Urie-Chickering

Becca Wilson

Celia Grail
Stephanie Nolan

Annabelle Rea

Lincoln Cushing

Diane Luby Lane

Bo Doub

Diane Christiansen

Louise Lewis

Judith Teitelman

Leigh Deleonardo

Rick Baum

Ronald Solorzano

David Aronow

Suzanne Noruschat

Rosa Romero

Alberto Tlatoa

Gloria Orozco

Sarah Earll

Theresa Chavez

Steven Luftman

Claudia Sobral

Carlos Ugalde

Kevin Kelly

Sarah Elgart

Jo'Ann De Quattro

Michael Slate

Jerald Stinson

Susan Philips

Rev. Jerald Stinson

Jon Krampner

Ken Ehrlich

Victor Kane

Donelia Heyn-Lamb

Mary Doub

Glenna Avila

Ian Schiffer

Glynnis Golden Ortix

Geralynn Krajeck

Michael Hersh

Uncle Don B Fanning

Mary Hardy

Carol Thompson

Carol Orzack

James Devine

Robert Lujan

Doug Minkler

Jeff Warner

Weba Garretson

Lexi Courtis

Gayle Blume

Kevin Anderson

Eleanor Osgood

Yoonha Hwang

Sherry Vatter

Fanny Ortiz

Felicia Rosenfeld

Mike Alewitz

Veda Veach

Orameh Bagheri

Licia Perea

Raul Villa

Christian Shaughnessy

Joe Palacios

Gabriela Kida

Kris Goldy

Paul Chin

Kohei Saito

Alexandra Torrens

Mariah Clegg

Tristan Scremin

Larry Gross

Laurie Steelink

Barbara Honig

Stacey Lancaster

Jed Pauker

Trini Rodriguez

Lynn Kersey

Joshua Pechthalt

Kris Baumgartner

Misako Lauritzen

Tsukuru Fors

Dorothy Reik
Joel Isaacs, PhD
Maya Bon

Melissa Monteleone

Gina Mayonado

Juan Del Rio

Consuelo Flores

Susan Smith

Maggie Jacobs

Rita Addessa

Stephanie Guzman
Samuel Intrater

Kevin Akin

Kevin Martinez

John Reiger

C. T. Weber

Norma J F Harrison

Nikole Cababa

Jason Bautista

Annalou Lingat

Kenneth Bonifacio

Gabrielle Sibal

Lorenzo Mutia

Jewelle Cruz

Celine Mendiola

Beatris Coronado

Mae Decena

Jhenine Cordero

Rose Monge

Thomas Lacey

Juliana Musheyev
Peter Rosenwald

Jeffrey Cooper

Holly Masri

Brent Riggs

Mike Feinstein

Fred Blair

Beth von Gunten

Jerry Manpearl

Allan Beek

Anne Zimmerman

Merilie Robertson

Sheila Xiao

Sehnita Joshua Mattison

Gregg Chadwick

Peace and Freedom Party LA County Central Committee

Tracey Kardash

Jairo Angulo

Rebecca Wolff

Daniel Lichtenstein-Boris

Troi GeBorde

Jon Reitz

Olivia Rodriguez

Marti Pike

Lisa Smithline

Kevin Cruz

Gloria Vando

Hillary Gordon

Deborah Falb

Eric Vollmer

Roxanne Steinberg

Andreá Bronté

Daisy Delaney

Ruth Fischler Zasadil

Jodi Finkel

Wilma Reitz

Nancy Zala

Chaya Crowder

Teresa Verplanck
LaShyra Nolen

Marc Luber

Luke Atnip
Hiyasmin Saturay

Kat Conchada

Eric Tandoc

January Roan

Rafiel Cooper

Kayleigh Davis

Cynthia Shelton

Vanessa Acosta

Bodeck Luna

Rol Murrow

Phil Levy

Daryl Brow

Dennis Hicks

Mitchell Greenhill

Dianae Scartin

Audine Tayag

Stephanie Waxman

Megan Foronda

Allison Pardo

Menchie Caliboso

Romeo Hebron

Carol Anne McChrystal

Keilani Coquia

Xenia Arriola

Connie Call

Hanah Camill Faraon

Lauren Bollinger

Pamela Guerra

Luann Tan

Steven Osuna
Tiffany Enriquez

Glenn Price

Ruth Eklund

Paul Nolan

Robert Koseff

Jessica Tuck

Johnlyn Colcol

James Hanes

Marie Kennedy

Nellie Scott

Ann Chamberlin

JC Edualino

Eliseo Tenorio

Victor Marshand Webb

Kezia Jauron

Linda Campanella Jauron

Arthur Scotti

Meredith Gordon

Lorna Paisley

Susan Millman


Sue Chou

Grace Aaron

Paige Prevost
Elizabeth Van Denburgh

Stephen Tarzynski, M.D.

William Barclay

Paula Litt

Bohdan Oppenheim

Brad Jones

Jennifer Charnofsky

Karina Maher

Lynn Naliboff

Ryan Hamm

Kirk Luetkehans

Claire Hirsch

Genesis Moore
Peter Spelman

Manuel de Jesús Hernández-G

Elaine Katz

John O'Brien

Melodye Allen

Abby Diamond

John Ulloth

Susan Thornton-Zetino

Bernie Pearl

Daniel Smith

Pat Tonnema

Katie Lichtle

Kelly Richardson

Ivo Lovric

Karen Newe

Jane Anne Jeffries

Todd Lerew

Avanti Ji

Adam Green

Steve Weingarten

Sandra Sunshine Williams

Ulis Williams

Andy Manoff

Patricia Phillipes

Osman Posada

Michael Wisniewski

Jane Wallace

Marian Smith

Theresa Hulme

Michelle Cohen

Robin McConnell

Herman, Jr. Milligan

William Donnelly

Catherine Gudis

Hermina Ban

Evan Garcia

Alise Sochaczewski

Charles Fredricks

Karis Eklund

Thomas Kolsrud

Matt Lipps

Jonathan Danforth-Appell

Arielle Sallai

Brian Rubinow

Gigi Droesch

Diana Le

Andrew Hall

Angie Dickson

Amanda Roth

Rusteen Honardoost

Ruth Strauss MD

Patrick Putnam

Michael Bershad

Joseph Spir

Ace Katano

Kenny Chapman

Serena Brosio

Hugh McHarg

Leila Rand

Mike Plewa

Bettie Williams

Jan Williamson

France White

Matthew Shepherd

Marissa Jefferies

Claire Miyamoto

Abby Barrios

Christian Villalta

Carl Boggs

Jos Sances

Jane Brucker

Isabelle Gunning

Paulette Benson

Mary Wagle

Eric Baron

Peter Black

Ophelia Overton

Stuart Denenberg

Noe Montes
Sharon Markenson

Jenny Bekenstein

Summer Guthery

Hailey Loman

Sonia Mak

Sarah Russin

Laura Hyatt

Jennifer Doyle

Laura Fried
Joseph Valencia

Yoon Ju
Ellie Lee
Myron Orleans
Anne Ellegood

Adam Lee

Gabrielle Garcia

Gisela Morales

Tony Carfello

Brody Albert

Fatima Murrieta

Khin Khin Gyi, M.D., Ph.D.

Ankur Patel
A​nita F​rankel
K​wazi Nkrumah​
Soyun Cho
Stephanie Solomon
​Ani ​Boyadjian
Katherine King
Nicole Murph
Sarika Sanyal
Dorit Hanover
Kristina von Hoffmann
Stephen Lewis
Lee Whitten
Kate Goyette
Ernesto Vazquez
Lindsay Mulcahy
Aidan Thawley
Kevin Cervantes
George Jarrett

Barry Silver
Bill Dobbs
Ann Schoenfeld
Roger Marheine
Susan Cuscuna
Leslie Potenzo
Monica Wooters
Marilyn Schmitter
Myron Meisel

J Cole
Zena Pearlstone
Leslie Radford
Stella Koletic, DDS
Leticia Velasquez
Dennis Ramsey
Katie Blackwell
Sheila Gross
Holly Tempo
Candace Peterson-Kahn

Ricardo Wheeler
Karen Leichenger
Karen Oliva
Clara Oliva

Oscar Alberto Dominguez

Madelline Abrego
Lyle Daniel

Sofia Canales

Alex Ludington

Janette Linares

Ciara Tepayotl

Andrea Arana

Roberto Saravia

Aaron Escobar

Citlali Mendez

Stephanie Solis

Sarah Mae Dizon

Thomas Prentice, Ph.D.

Madeleine Conway

Alex Bouskos

Savannah Landau

Carla Orellana

María José Maldonado

Avery Raimondo

Christopher MacKay

David Cruz

Ceri Zamora
Jonathan Jimenez

Rebeca Grande

Hilary Goodfriend

Marie Valencia

Alejandra Acevedo

Emily Richardson

Sara Zavaleta
Ayla Bailey

Gabrielle Scharaga

Janel Pineda Pineda

Victoria Guzmán

Mara Imms

Sophia Sleap

Sandra Silva
Maria Diaz Zamora
Emely Rauda

Jose Haymas

Koryn Gomez

Rose Perez

Mayra Jones

Central American Students Association at Harvard

Karla Cativo

Tatiana Ramirez
Joanna Beltran Giron

Gemma Lurie

Alex Perez

Edwin Sanchez

Francisco Valladares

Yoselin De Leon

Judith Trujillo

Jencey Paz

Lizandra Arceo
Miguel Lopez

Izabelle Romero

Samuel Avalos

Daniela Gomez

Sophia Baumbach
Rob Aft
Rochelle Fabb

Maria Martinez

Raine Brackett
Rosa Maldonado

John Goodman
Bianca Vazquez

Vanessa Eckstein

James Vitek

Hope Lloyd

Marisa Fulper

Crystal Basaez
Sophia Montano

Sophie Strauss

Nathaniel Ramos

Herber Banda

Ellen Hageman

Hayley Blonstein

Sue Morena

Michelle Vazquez

Laura Adery

Daniela Garnica
Alejandra Chavez

Díana Trujano

Sheila Nash

Scarlett Villacorta

Kathryn Mills

Lilian Ayala

Melissa Castaneda

Paul Ahrens

Paula Kahn

James Loucky

Kendra Monterrosa

Karl Kramer

Majeska Seese-Green

Christal Smith
Scott Braley
Claire Gordon
Janet Van Fleet
Karrie Keyes
David Avalos
Dennis J Karas
Marian Gordon
Cindy Archer
Sandra Romero
Dana Doherty
Leigh Adams
Sean Nguyen
Andie Razo
Lauren Thompson
Nova Queen
J Ovalle
Hyla Etame
Lilia Destin
Eliza Vidaurri
Greg Bartlett

Jeff Schwartz

Wayne Liebman

Patrick Mundy

Thomas Fielder

Mila Kastenbaum

Mylan Tran-Roark

Valerie Hernandez-Vallejo

Leah Pressman

T Sarmina
Natalie Gonzalez

Rose Bergmann

Zaya Henn
Zoe Darlington

Meghan Chandler

Thea LaSan

Emma Raanan

Elí Alejo

Pete Rockwell
Grace Theobald

Eva Jane Chartier
Meron Ahadu

Karla Perez
Spencer Hoffman
Chantiri Resendiz
Beth Harris
Gloria Galvez

Jonathan Penzner
Olivia Gibbons
Ruth Mendez
Tom Camarella, JD
Bob Marquet
Barbara Aliza
Karim Shuquem
Channa Grace
Art Hazelwood
John-Michael Lee
Jeremy Palmer
Diana Fox
Rick Higginson
Chen Zhaogu
Rebecca Solomon
Steven Meeks
Claire O'Connor
Chuck Marchese
Toni Marchese
Manzar Foroohar
Brieanne Buttner
David Byrd
Natalie Leach
Gregory Wright
Gladys Garcia
Myra Boime
Greta Cobar

Louis Wolf
Natalie Sokoloff
Janet Heinritz-Cznterbury
Susan Masuoka
Brandon Rennels
Christopher Miles
Grace Patterson
Carol Frances Likins
Jim Sweeters
Suzanne Flores
Leda Ramos
Beth Meltzer
Jonathan Kawaye
Susie Day
Cheri Gaulke
Susan Tschabrun
Sylvat Aziz
Dorinda Moreno
Diane Middleton
Merna Strauch
Anoki Casey
Haithem El-Zabri
Eric Gordon
Michele Prichard
Meg Suhosky
Sheila Stillman
Jessica Delgado
Bruria Finkel
Zohar Chamberlain Regev

Kimberly Nguyen
Linda Neumaier
Kelly Linhardt
Jamie Hazlitt
David Kunzle
Kaye Beth
Robert Gerald (Bobby) Smith
Juan Fuentes
Whitley Crawford
Tesia Summers
James Witker
William Smithson
Linda Israelson
Joseph Tonan
Mary Roberts
Janelle Shaughnessy
Catha Paquette
Karen Kleinfelder
Chevy Pham
Cecelia Halle
Esthe Raucher
Patricia Moss
Sharon Sekhon
Ronald Warren
Mariona Barkus
Scott Tucker
Tobey Moss
Pam Ward
Prof. Klaus Staeck
Louise Sandhaus
China Brotsky
Susan Einstein
Fred Golan
Fandra Chang
Marsha Hopkins
Brett Drugge
Michael Letwin

Brian Soto

Susann Masuoka

Kawaye Jonathan

Aziz Sylvat

Diane Louise Middleton

Andy Mager

Nola Butler Byrd

Leda Ramos

Linda Meumaier

Andrew Tavoni

Robert Smith

Juan Fuentes

Michele Mouton

Joseph Tonan

Janelle V Shaughnessy

Karen L. Kleinfelder, CSULB Professor of Art History

Esther Terrestrial

Sharon E Sekhon

China Botsky

Pouya Jahan'shahi

Michael Z Letwin

Camille Ivy Wong

Juri Koll, Venice Institute of Contemporary Art

Teresa Brady

Lisa Taylor

Denise Robb

Freia Anders

Katelyn Kelly

Maria Soldatenko

Suzanne Siegel

William McNally

Nels Christianson

Michael P Minky

Lorna Paisley

Barbara L Nielsen (WILPF)

Susan Ketterer

Elizabeth Buchta

Laura Enriquez

Kathleen Conway

Rosa Manriquez

Barbara Dane

Betty Avila

Val Carlson, Organizer, Freedom Socialist Party Los Angeles Branch

Yan Sham

Serge Guilbaut

Michelle Rollenas

Florie Brizel

Linda J Eber

Anna Wayne

Jordan Elgrably

Mary Prophet

Edward L Keenan, Distinguished Research Professor, Dept of Linguistics, UCLA

Olga Severina

Health Care for All - Los Angeles Chapter

Carol Oblath

Janis T Pretzlav

Lasse Hejll

Marcia Annenberg

Jody Ginsberg

Kathie A Schey

Mary Goodwin

Jeremy Kagan

Lynn Ballen

Ken Laramay

Carol Smith

Susan Anderson

Srboohie Abajian

Eric Zolov

Ranil Abeysekera

Rhoden Stoner Streeter

Shelly D'Amour

Chris Nielsen

Elyse Gay

Dougal Wilson

Heath Row

Stefanie Crump

Eugenie Ross-Leming

Clare Eberle

Frédo Coyère

Judson Kilgore

Patricia Todd

Ronald l Warren

LaKeisha Williams

Joe Delaplaine

Kelly Wine

Marilyn Vassos

Jennifer Vassos

Andrew Perrine

Eli Jacobovitz

Dorinda Guadalupe Moreno

Angela Pedraza 

Carolfrances Likins

Gloria Hickok

Carlos Cordoba

Elaine Wintman

Abbie Phillips

Cynthia Jimenez

Karen McLellan

Bonnie Choy

Nathaniel Moore

Darius Tilica

Mayra Flores

Tim Lachman

Sheila McCoy

Sarah Prokop

Reza Pour

Angelina Carrasco

Laurie S

Blanche Chase

David Evans Frantz

Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla

Lori Gipson

Lamont Yeakey

Brian Murphy

Jenny Calaba

Isabel Duron

Lenny Potash

Jayleen M. Sun

Ethel Gullette

Michael S Goodman

Pasquale Lombardo

Jo-Ann Morgan

Whitney Eskew

Benjamin Harmon

Elaine Smitham

S. A. Girffin

Christopher Fite

Kathy Mitchell

Beth Abels

Mary Ann Castle

Samantha Honowitz

Samantha Bempong

Brian Nieman

Maria Karras

Jane Paul

Fredda Weiss

Janet Farrell Brodie

Ryan Goodman

Miguel Perez

Robin Repp

Susan Malmstrom

Susan McLaughlin

Sharon Mizota

Bruce Altshuler

Melinda Smith Altshuler

Jason Vass

Ken Morrison

Krisy Gosney

Anselmo Lopez

Bonnie Acker

Bob Zaugh

Adrienne Hatrick

Mark Rhomberg

Kline Capelle

Dale Davis

Ash Hi

Michael Amescua

Devra Weber

Carol Steinsapir

Richard Profumo

Sharon Webb

Sandy Polishuk

Paul Von Blum

Karen Fiorito

Karim Sahli

Geneva Andrews

Bronwyn Jamrok

Gregory Jamrok

Nancy Ohanian

Cristina Cuevas-Wolf

Jim B Clarke

Luis Quinones

Mary Patten

Maria Ramirez

Cheryl LaBash

David Hoskins, OPEIU Shop Steward

Brian Miller

Claire Shimabukuro

Margaret Molloy

Janet Ter Veen

Sherie Stark

Vanessa Madrid

Louis D Armmand

Flavia Marichal

Jesse Ramirez

Katie Gilmartin

Lisa Kahn

Alysun Littlefield

Emily Sulzer

Ian Baran

Karen Morgaine

Jeoffry Gordon, MD, MPH

Kira Preston

Tania Garcia

Robert Liu

Debra Disman

Anne Zerrien-Lee

Kathy Lessuck

Lorraine Alfini

Joanna Arevalo

Ed Cavallini

Kathy Kartiganer

Gerald Pass

Robert Rosenbloom

Kate Murphy

April Katz

Bill Bollinger

Samantha Ceja

Lee Boek

Nick Santoro

Rupert Wolfe Murray

Nancy Auerbach

Michael Rapkin

Jazmin Miralles

Kathleen McHugh

Andrew Kovner

Dawn Arens

Lucile Butler

Carol Bahoric

Henry and Carole Slucki

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