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Big Pharma Wants You! — Poster of the Week

Big Pharma Wants You! But Do You Want Them? Rachael Romero

Digital Print, 2014

Woodstock, NY



A shot of antibody-rich blood plasma from COVID-19 survivors could inoculate people against the virus for months. This would be a life-saver for front-line workers and others at high risk. The proposal, which has received support from many scientists, is currently being blocked by federal officials and pharmaceutical companies because a vaccine would be MUCH MORE PROFITABLE. And while waiting for the vaccine, the Feds and big pharma are putting resources into developing an intravenous solution of immune globulin—more expensive to produce and to deliver than the shot.

Researchers around the world are racing to develop a coronavirus vaccine. There are more than 155 vaccines currently being developed and 23 of those are already in human trials. Vaccines go through years of rigorous research and testing before they are available to the general public. The antibody-rich blood plasma is available now.

This pushback for a quicker solution from officials and corporations isn’t new to medicine or exclusive to the coronavirusespecially when it comes to the health of minority groups. Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and communities of color are being hit disproportionately by COVID-19. The combination of inadequate access to healthcare, personal protective equipment, and working on the frontline not only exposes essential workers but also exposes the injustices in our systems.    

Big Pharma is not the only party at fault. Even without a vaccine, more than 15 countries have been able to safely get kids back in school, including New Zealand, much of Europe, China, Viet Nam and South Korea. Other countries have been able to return to work and school without a vaccine because they have things the US sorely lacks: integrated leadership, effective transmission tracking, and community engagement—in other words, everyone willing to wear masks!

This post was written by Haley Vallejo


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