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Trying to Save the Future — Poster of the Week

Poster Text / Translation Cambio Climático / Climate change Contaminación / Pollution Sobreexplotación / Overexploitation Cambio De Hábitat / Habitat Change Deterioro De Las Especies / Species Extinction CSPG’s Poster-of-the-Week uses Tic Tac Toe, an unwinnable game, to warn of dire consequences if we continue to play games with the climate—if we continue to depend upon fossil fuels. “Carbon Exchanges”, “Carbon Neutral”, “Net Zero” and other greenwashing terms are only kicking the needed actions down the road. Meanwhile, we can see the problems escalate around us with mega-fires, mega-floods, and mega-droughts. Every year, new records are broken. And the leaders of the countries that contribute the most to global warming continue to listen to, and follow the directions of the fossil fuel industry. It’s hard to believe that in 2021, US taxpayers are still subsidizing the coal, oil, and natural gas industries at a conservative estimate of $20 million EVERY YEAR. And most of our politicians won’t approve a social safety net. For 26 years, the world’s leaders have been meeting to hear about and work to solve the escalating climate crisis through the United Nations Climate Change Conferences. The crisis has escalated, the solutions haven’t. This year’s conference, known as Conference of the Parties or COP26, is currently taking place in Glasgow, Scotland. Hearing moving speeches is important, but it is not enough. We must escalate our efforts to educate, organize, and inspire people to action.

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