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"¡Fuera De Indochina!" by Rupert Garcia

"¡Fuera De Indochina!" by Rupert Garcia

"¡Fuera De Indochina!"
Rupert Garcia
2000 silkscreen reproduction of 1970 original
23" x 17.5"

Signed by artist.

In 1970, Rupert Garcia silkscreened about 50 copies of these posters and sent them down to Los Angeles for the first national Chicano Moratorium which occured on August 29, 1970. Few are known to have survived. In 2000, CSPG honored Rupert with the “Art is a Hammer” award and reissued this poster to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the moratorium.

LA Times art critic David Pagel said about this work, "If posters can be masterpieces, this one is as fine an example as any."
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