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"Vote Yes on 66" by Doug Minkler

"Vote Yes on 66" by Doug Minkler

"Vote Yes on 66"
Doug Minkler
Offset print, 2004
Berkeley, California
Dimensions: 16" X 10"
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    Full text:
    California Vote Yes on 66
    End Three Strikes For Nonviolent Offenders
    Ethnic Cleansing
    Three Reichs and You're Out
    In 1994, hiding behind the mask of public safety, California enacted the brutal Three Strikes law. Its sentencing provisions, marketed to the public as a device for locking up the most violent offenders, has in fact incarcerated mostly non-violent offenders. Like the death penalty and unconstitutional drug laws, Three Strikes has impacted Black and Brown communities disproportionately. While claiming to diminish crime, Three Strikes commits a crime. It often steals from both judges and juries the inherent power of the people to decide whether, in a particular case, the punishment fits the crime. Jurors under Three Strikes can convict an individual of simple drug possession without knowing they are sending a person to prison for life. Three Strikes circumvents the legal process by removing the compassion and community input the founding fathers determined to be so necessary for a genuine democracy. Vote Yes on 66 Nov. 2, 2004 This poster is an art/law collaboration between poster maker Doug Minkler and attorney Aram James. It demonstrates the kind of community outreach an elected Public Defender could bring to Santa Clara County. Without the fear of being fired by County Supervisors, an elected Public Defender would have the independence to inform the people of their constitutional rights and the power to protect citizens against institutional racism, police and governmental abuse.

    For more information on Citizens to Elect Our Public Defender or this poster contact Aram James at: or [union bug] Allied Printing Trades Council Union Label Northern Calif. 147 Inkworks
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