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Posters are often the only record of events—both historical and current—that might otherwise be forgotten. If you have any posters stored away, please consider donating them to CSPG so their stories will not be lost to future generations. Additionally, if you attend any demonstrations or protests, please try to collect and send posters to CSPG so that the collection can be as representative as possible of ongoing social movements. By submitting posters to the CSPG archive, they will be accessible to the public and researchers for years to come.


Criteria for donating posters to CSPG:

  • Posters must have overt political content (if in doubt, please send a photo)

  • Must be produced in multiples such as offset, silkscreen, woodcut, stencil, digital output, etc.

  • Whenever possible, we prefer the physical copies of posters. We will accept high-resolution digital image files

  • No hand-drawn protest signs accepted 

To donate posters: Contact us at


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