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Call for Posters!

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) is creating a dynamic new poster exhibition touching on a range of diverse ecological issues, including global warming, environmental racism, and nuclear waste disposal. Too Hot to Handle: International Graphics on Climate Change, Pollution, & Environmental Justice will premiere this upcoming May in downtown Los Angeles at Mercado La Paloma.

We are asking organizations, artists, and activists for donations of ecology related posters, both contemporary and historical, to assist CSPG in curating the most comprehensive and inclusive exhibition possible. Posters from or about the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) are a priority.

Donated posters will be considered for the upcoming exhibition, and all will become a part of CSPG's unique archive. Donating posters to CSPG ensures that the posters' histories are made accessible to students, activists, and artists for generations to come.

Criteria for CSPG posters: 1) Works must have been produced in multiples, such as silkscreen, offset, stencil, lithograph, digital prints, etc. 2) The poster content must be overtly political.

To be considered for Too Hot to Handle, please submit posters by February 29, 2016.

Contact: Center for the Study of Political Graphics (310) 397-3100

Featured posters, left to right: No Power Plant in South Gate!, Communities for a Better Environment, offset, 2001 / Und Neues Leben Büht aus den Ruinen ["And New Life Blossoms from the Ruins"], Klaus Staeck, offset, 1980 / Vote for True Food, Greenpeace, digital print, circa 2000

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