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F*ck La Migra - Poster of the Week

Fuck La Migra Xico Gonzalez, Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) Silkscreen, 2006 Sacramento, CA 25960


On Friday, July 31st, Border Patrol agents, under the premise of executing a federal search warrant, arrested more than 30 migrants at the medical aid camp run by the humanitarian group No More Deaths. Agents surrounded the camp after sunset in several armored vehicles, ATVs, and two helicopters as they arrested both undocumented immigrants receiving care and medical volunteers. The camp is located in Arivaca, Arizona, and serves as a medical site for people passing through one of the deadliest desert corridors. Three years ago, No More Deaths published documents revealing that the Border Patrol’s national union had ordered a crackdown on the organization’s humanitarian work. Last month’s violent and public raid marks the second time in two years that the Border Patrol has terrorized No More Deaths’ aid stations as a form of retaliation for exposing their corruption. Some of the agents that took part in the raid appeared to be members of the Border Patrol’s Tactical Unit, known as BORTAC. They are considered to be the Customs and Border Protection equivalent of a SWAT team. These are the same commando-style units that were filmed kidnapping protesters into unmarked cars in Portland. Since coming into office in 2016, Trump’s xenophobic and hateful anti-immigrant rhetoric has empowered and enabled government agencies like Border Patrol to act unchecked. Their terrorizing actions have only escalated over the years, from the separation of families, children being put in cages, and the ending lifeline programs, such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protective Status. These agencies need to be reigned-in, held accountable and defunded. Sources: Multiple arrests in Border Patrol raid on migrant aid camp Border Patrol Launches Militarized Raid of Borderlands Humanitarian Aid Camp Militarized BORTAC Border Patrol Raids & Ransacks Medical Camp on U.S. Border, Arrests 30 Migrants

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