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Fight for Queer and Trans Lives! - Poster of the Week

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Remember Trans Power, Fight for Trans Lives

Micah Bazant

Inkworks Press

Offset, 2015

Berkeley, CA

We Keep Each Other Safe

Forward Together

Digital Print, 2015

United States

In light of Trans Day of Remembrance yesterday and the horrific mass

shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, we are sharing two posters from the

archive with messages that remind us that transgender and queer folks are

powerful, abundant, and important.

This massacre took place on the eve of Trans Day of Remembrance

(TDOR), which is also known as Trans Day of Resilience, a sacred day for

the queer and trans community to commemorate transgender people whose

lives have been lost to all forms of anti-queer violence.

In honor of the five individuals who lost their lives, those who were injured,

and the far too many lives that have been taken before them, let the

memories of those lost start a fire of revolution in our hearts and


Queer and Trans people belong everywhere and deserve to feel safe.

Remember Trans Power, Fight for Trans Lives.



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