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HealthCarelessness - Poster of the Week

The most important election in memory is taking place in the midst of an out-of-control epidemic and a Supreme Court with a solid conservative majority that will decide the future of Obama Care and Roe v Wade. Even with the Affordable Care Act, over 27 million US citizens are uninsured. Millions more could lose their health care and their lives if the ACA and access to safe and legal abortions are destroyed. These posters show how presidents have not dealt well when facing epidemics. Vote as if your life depends upon it. It does.


AIDSGATE ACT UP/New York Offset, 1987 New York, New York 12056

“AIDSGATE” compares President Ronald Reagan’s glacial response to the developing AIDS epidemic to the scandal of Watergate. In the 1980s, many people mistakenly believed that AIDS afflicted only gay men and was even referred to as the “gay cancer.” Reagan’s ultra-conservative platform shaped an economic agenda that involved the reduction or elimination of many health care and social programs. As a result, he did begin to address the AIDS crisis until 1987, over six years after the first reports of the disease.

AIDS? No Comment Riots Offset, CA 1987 Valencia, California 5041