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Iranian Women Protest - Posters of the Week

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Halt Execution and Torture in Iran

International Solidarity Front for the Defence of the Iranian People's Democratic Rights, Neusha Farrahi

Offest, 1982

Berkeley, CA


Rahele Mahouti

Digital, 2022

Tehran, Iran

Thousands of Iranian women are taking to the streets across Iran to protest the torture and murder of Mahsa Amini last week. Amini was arrested in Tehran on Tuesday, September 13th by Iran's morality police, for incorrectly wearing her hijab according to the government's standards. Shortly after her arrest she was taken to a hospital, having suffered multiple blows to the head. She died three days later; the police claimed she died of a heart attack. She was 22 years old.

In reaction to her murder and blatant coverup by the police, the people of Iran have assembled anti-government protests in over a dozen cities and towns across Iran, including its religious capital of Qom, to call for an end to government oppression against women. In retaliation, the Iranian government had intermittently shut down the internet, social media, and mobile network access in her home Kurdistan province, Tehran, and other parts of the country. President Ebrahim Raisi has promised an investigation, but protesters are doubtful and have continued to burn hijabs, cut their hair in grief, resist police violence, and raise their voices, chanting "Death to the Dictator" and "Women, Life, Freedom."

At least 17 protesters have been killed to-date. At least 450 have been injured. In solidarity and outrage, protests are also taking place throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S., from Los Angeles to New York.

The first featured poster of the week is from 1982, protesting the torture and murder taking place under the Ayatollah Khomeini. The second poster was created by an Iranian illustrator and has been shared across internet platforms in solidarity with Iranian protesters. This poster is not currently in our archive.

If anyone has any info, access, or a digital download link for any protest posters on Mahsa Amini, like the one in this article, please email so we can add these posters to our archive.


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