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Queer Rights Are Human Rights: Panel Discussion

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

For more than 70 years, poster art has been central in fighting for LGBTQ+ rights. Whether homophobia is institutionalized through legislation or conducted culturally through physical, psychological, or emotional violence, it is a human rights violation. Queer Rights Are Human Rights: Posters of LGBTQ+ Struggles & Celebrations will show the power of graphics to expose injustices, defend rights, and celebrate victories. This is a three-part virtual event that will accompany a digital exhibition viewable here.

Loni Shibuyama (she/her) is an archivist at the ONE LGBTQ Archives at the USC Libraries, the largest LGBTQ archive in the world, where she has worked for 14 years. Beginning in 2017, she initiated and managed a grant-funded project to catalog and digitize over 4000 LGBTQ posters from ONE Archives' vast collection.

Rommy Torrico (they/them) is a formerly undocumented, queer, trans/nonbinary visual artist born in Iquique, Chile; raised in Naples, Florida; and is currently based out of NYC. They have been involved in the (im)migrant rights struggle for several years and infuse much of their work with personal experience and the stories their community shares. Over the years, Torrico’s work has been included in several publications and exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum, the Library of Congress and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía as well as many galleries and museums throughout the Americas and internationally.

féi hernandez (they/them) (b.1993 Chihuahua, Mexico) is a trans, Inglewood- raised, immigrant artist, writer, healer. They have been published in POETRY, Pank Magazine, Oxford Review of Books, Frontier Poetry, The Breakbeat Poets Vol. 4: LatiNext, amongst others