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Rest In Power Albert Woodfox - Poster of the Week

Free All the Angola Three

Emory Douglas

Offset, 2008

Oakland, Ca


Albert Woodfox, political prisoner, activist, former Black Panther and leader

in the Black Liberation movement, died last week of Covid-19. He had been

wrongfully convicted of murder yet had spent almost 44 years in solitary

confinement — the longest in U.S. history. He was released from

Louisiana’s notorious Angola Prison in 2016, almost eight years after Emory

Douglas designed this poster. Emory was the former Minister of Culture of

the Black Panther Party and CSPG’s 2006 “Art is a Hammer” honoree.

Woodfox along with two fellow Black Panthers, Robert Hillary King and

Herman Wallace, became known as the Angola 3, who were held in solitary