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Stop Forced Sterilization / ¡Alto A Esterilizacion Forzada! — Poster of the Week

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Stop Forced Sterilization / ¡Alto A Esterilizacion Forzada! People's Press Offset, Circa 1974 San Francisco, CA 9708


As news coverage focuses on Donald Trump as a super-spreader of both Covid-19 and domestic terrorism, the spotlight has moved away from another form of domestic terrorism: the sterilization of immigrant women without their consent. Dawn Wooten, a nurse working at an ICE detention center in Georgia, filed a whistle-blower complaint against the agency in September, alleging that unnecessary hysterectomies were being performed on immigrants in custody.  Forced sterilization has a long and ugly history in this country. Black, indigenous, women of color, the poor, the incarcerated, and many others were subjected to forced sterilizations for decades, usually with the full support of local and federal government. As many as 70,000 women were forcibly sterilized during the 20th century in this country. But it didn’t end. According to a new documentary, “Belly of the Beast,” California state prisons performed nearly 1,400 sterilizations between 1997 and 2013. It is unconscionable that in 2020 women must continue to fight and call out government institutions against these barbaric practices.    Full Poster Text: Stop Forced Sterilization ¡Alto A Esterilizacion Forzada! En Puerto Rico, 1/3 de las mujeres menores de 35 anos-esterilizadas. En los E.U. 20% de las mujeres negras casadas-esterilizadas. En India, la ley manda que se esterilizen hombres y mujeres. El problema no es que hay demasiada gente; seres humanos son nuestro recurso mas preciado. Sin Embargo, billiones de dolares de los EU se gastan para el control de la populacion, al mismo tiempo que se disminuyen los fondos para comida, atencion medica y guarderias infantiles. El imperialismo de los EU es el problema: saquea los terrenos; destruye los recursos de la tierra; roba y destruye las vidas de la gente para sus intereses lucrativos. Resistencia! In Puerto Rico, 1/3 of the women of child-bearing age--sterilized. In the U.S., 20% of Black married women-sterilized. In India, men, and women sterilized by law. Too many people is not the problem; people are our most precious resource. Yet billions of U.S. dollars are spent on population control while funds are cut for food, health care, and child care. U.S. Imperialism is the problem. It steals the land; tears resources from the earth; robs and destroys the lives of the people for profit. Resist!!! Sources: Inquiry Ordered Into Claims Immigrants Had Unwanted Gynecology Procedures The Forgotten Lessons of the American Eugenics Movement ICE, A Whistleblower And Forced Sterilization PBS Documentary: No Más Bebés/No More Babies Belly of the Beast: California's dark history of forced sterilizations

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