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Stop the Bloodbath — Poster of the Week

Israel Palestine 2002 Blood Bath

Yossi Lemel

Digital Print, 2002

Tel Aviv, Israel

Words cannot describe the emotions that we are experiencing at the escalating violence in Israel and Palestine, but this poster comes close.

Stop the Bloodbath

End the Occupation

Stop Ethnic Cleansing

War is Not the Answer

“Israel certainly cannot claim the upper moral hand. Israeli government ministers now calling to kill, destroy, crush and even starve the residents of Gaza forget that this is already Israeli policy…Intentional attacks on civilians are prohibited and unacceptable. There is no justification for such crimes, whether they are committed as part of a struggle for freedom from oppression or cited as part of a war against terror.”

-- B’Tselem, Israeli human rights group. (from intercept article below)



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