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VOTE ! - Poster of the Week

For All These Rights We’ve Just Begun to Fight

Ben Shahn

Congress of Industrial Organizations – Political Action Committee (CIO-PAC)

Lithograph, 1946

New York, NY


Immediately after WWII, the CIO-PAC made posters urging citizens to register to vote so that the liberties fought for during the war continue to evolve to benefit all Americans. These demands supported the views of organized labor.

As homelessness, stagnant wages, inflation, and attacks on workers’ rights continue to exponentially increase, it is as clear now as it was in 1946 that working class solidarity is vital in the fight against extreme wealth hoarding and fascism. VOTE!

One Man One Vote

Danny Lyon

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

Lincoln Lithograph Company

Offset, 1963



The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was formed in 1960 by a group of black college students in North Carolina who, two months earlier, had staged the first sit-in to protest segregation. SNCC organized voter registration and demonstrations against segregation all over the South, played a leading role in the Freedom Rides, the 1963 March on Washington and Mississippi Freedom Summer. They were also organizers in the early days of the United Farm Workers (UFW) movement. Today, the conservative Supreme Court majority is actively trying to eliminate what is left of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Voting rights and education about this country’s racist history are being decimated across the country. VOTE!

Silence = Death


Silence=Death Project

Offset, 1988

United States


US health officials became aware of AIDS in 1981 – the year Ronald Reagan became president – but the Reagan-Bush administration refused to acknowledge it until 1985. The original and now iconic Silence=Death poster was designed by The Silence = Death Collective in 1987 in response to the lack of action during the Reagan-Bush administration. The following year, during the presidential race between Republican George H. W. Bush and Democrat Michael Dukakis, the poster was reworked to include the American flag and a call to vote. In 2022, queer survival and liberation are once again on the ballot. VOTE!

Want This?

Artist Unknown

Silkscreen, Circa 2004

United States


Historians have been drawing comparisons to the rise of fascism and weakening of democracy in 1930’s Germany and present-day America for a while now, yet we keep inching closer to a hyper-polarized fascist state. Roughly half of the American population believes there will be civil war in the coming years. Democracy must be preserved. VOTE!

Vote Out White Supremacy

Laci Jordan

Amplifier Foundation in collaboration with

New Florida Majority

Offset, Circa 2020

Los Angeles, CA

In the past month alone, white supremacy has reared its ugly head again and again. Multiple Los Angeles City Council members’ anti-LGBTQ, Black, Indigenous Oaxacan, Jewish, and Armenian feelings were exposed by an audio leak. Kanye West threatened violence via Tweet against Jews, thereby encouraging neo-Nazis to wave banners and Hitler salute in support on an L.A. freeway. This election numerous election-denying, far-right candidates are running for every political office across the country. VOTE!


Election Resources:

Click HERE to find information on voting sites and ballot-drop locations near you.



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