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We Bring the Pole to the Melting Point — Poster of the Week

Wir Bringen die Pole zum Schmelzen Klaus Staeck Greenpeace Offset, 1988 Heidelberg, Germany 13147


In climate news this week, temperatures in Siberia in the Arctic Circle have topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time in recorded history. The average temperature in the Arctic in June is 68 degrees F. Scientists say the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average. This 32-year-old poster was predicting the future when it targeted Hoechst, then the world’s largest chemical manufacturer.  The rest of the text states:  Everybody only talks about the climate—we break it and make a good profit on it by the production of 140,000 tons of Fluorine chlorinated hydrocarbons per year. And the climate is warmer now than in 1988. Sources: Temperatures in Arctic Soar Above 100 Degrees, Shattering Records Siberian town hits highest temperature in recorded history for the Arctic Circle

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