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"The Big Lie" by Doug Minkler

"The Big Lie" by Doug Minkler

"The Big Lie"
Doug Minkler
Silkscreen, 2006
Berkeley, California
30" X 20"
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    Full text:
    Tasers Save Lives The Big Lie D. Minkler 2006 Bait: To save lives, Tasers are used by the police as a substitute for firearms. Switch: Tasers are used almost exclusively on the unarmed. Tasers are used for officer convenience and for behavior modification on the mentally ill, those under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and the verbally non-compliant. Tasers inflict quick and cruel punishment often resulting in death without a trial. To date, 160 citizens have died after being tased. Ain't That a Switch! The police in at least three major cities have banned the use of Tasers in training exercises on rank and file officers due to severe injuries. Amazingly, these same police departments continue to use Tasers on their citizenry. If they're unsafe for cops, they're unsafe for us. Ban Tasers Now The Coalition for Justice and Accountability 408-287-9710 This poster is an art/law collaboration between poster maker Doug Minkler and attorney Aram James. For information contact: Aram James, or [sic]
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