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Reclaim! Remain! Rebuild! Illustrates how gentrification and the lack of affordable housing are creating life-threatening conditions throughout the world—and posters are key for organizing resistance.  They announce demonstrations, oppose demolitions, protest restrictive covenants, recruit for tenants unions, and support squatters’ rights to move into abandoned buildings.  Powerful graphics document victories and ongoing confrontations. And whether the residents win or lose, they become empowered in the process of fighting for the stability of their communities—and the posters record their struggle and their empowerment.


Note: Images appear in the order intended for exhibition display. Reclaim! Remain! Rebuild! is available as a traveling exhibition using laminated, digital reproductions or the original vintage posters. Please contact us for more information on bringing an exhibition to your institution. 


To view the full Too Hot to Handle exhibition with annotations, browse the publication below. Use the toolbar to navigate between pages, view fullscreen, and search annotations for key words and phrases.


Press coverage for Reclaim! Remain! Rebuild!: Posters on Affordable Housing, Gentrification & Resistance

Historical political graphics shed new light on social issues, Sarah Kim, Tyler Kwon and McKenna Thurber, HS Insider Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California, USA, June 29, 2017

Here comes 'Condozilla': Housing protest posters from around the globe, R. Daniel Foster, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California, USA, June 18, 2017

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