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1% News 99% Fear—Poster of the Week

1% News 99% Fear

Jon-Paul Bail

Silkscreen, 2012

Oakland, CA


Jon-Paul Bail’s “1% News 99% Fear” targets Fox News’ practice of promoting fear, distrust, and hatred by publishing lies, lies, and more lies.

The announcement by Fox on Monday morning that Tucker Carlson was fired, shocked many, Carlson included. Since the channel launched in 1996, it has branded itself as “fair and balanced,” despite courting views, politicians, and donors tied exclusively to far-right extremists. Even Fox’s own journalists knew their stories were lies.

Following the 2020 election, many Fox News viewers began migrating to (somehow) even more right-wing media like Newsmax and Infowars to hear what they wanted to hear. In response, Fox pushed their anchors to hype up extreme viewpoints and outright lies. Fact-checking was considered “bad for business.”

Over the course of the Dominion Voting vs. Fox News lawsuit, the publication of private

messages between Fox’s top news anchors proved that even the stars espousing 2020 election denialism didn