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Call for Healthcare Posters - Deadline extended - due Feb 1, 2019!

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics is collecting posters for a new exhibition, Healthcare Not Wealthcare: Posters Promoting Secure, Sustainable & Just Healthcare, to open May 2019.

Please mail posters to: CSPG, 3916 Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 103, Culver City, CA 90230.

To email hi-res digital files, or for more information: (310) 397-3100,

Alejandra Gaeta, Healthcare Not Wealthcare will illustrate how the lack of affordable and accessible healthcare creates life-threatening conditions. Posters are one of the primary tools used throughout the world for educating about these issues and organizing for health justice. U.S. and international posters call attention to diverse topics, galvanize constituencies, and show how different countries approach healthcare. Please send posters or hi-res digital files for the Community Curatorial Committee to consider about issues such as:

-labor: environmental, occupational health & safety (pollution, lead paint, pesticides, toxic waste dumps);

-women’s health (right to choose, reproductive rights, fake pregnancy clinics); pre-natal, birth, breast feeding;

-domestic violence;

-disability rights;

-transgender health discrimination;

-HIV/AIDS (safe sex, clean needle exchange);

-privitization of hospitals/public funds for private medical;

big pharma;

-intrusion of religion into healthcare;

-mental illness, PTSD/Vets;

-homelessness & health;

-alcohol, flavored/tobacco (e-cigarettes, VAPE marketing targeted at youth), drugs (prescription & nonprescription);

-guns & war toys;

-prison care;

-we are what we eat;

-organizing for health justice;


All submissions will become part of CSPG’s permanent collection, and will be accessible to curators, organizers, researchers, students, and the general public.

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