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Poster of the Week — Pro Choice or No Choice

This poster was part of a series for New York Subway and Metro Ads. Pro-choice artist Barbara Kruger gave permission to imitate her graphic style. Before abortion was legalized in 1973, an estimated 800,000 mostly illegal abortions were annually performed in the U.S. Illegal abortions were often referred to as “back alley” abortions, because most were done under very unsanitary conditions by people with little—if any—medical training. Even if the pregnancy were successfully terminated, many women suffered from subsequent infections. Approximately 200 women died annually, and thousands more were injured – including becoming permanently sterile. According to The Daily Beast (2018), “approximately 30% of illegal abortions in the 1960s were self-induced. “ The coat-hanger in the poster, along with knitting needles, crochet hooks, and scissors were some of the most frequently used tools used to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Other methods included trying to cause a miscarriage by drinking poisons and throwing oneself down a staircase. Tomorrow, October 2, pro-choice demonstrations will be taking place in all 50 states. This site will help you locate the march closest to you: We will not go back. We cannot go back. Pro Choice or No Choice.

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