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Queer Rights Are Human Rights: Printmaking Workshop

As part of our programming for CSPG's latest exhibition, Queer Rights Are Human Rights: Posters of LGBTQ+ Struggles & Celebrations, artist Ernesto Vazquez guided a printmaking workshop where participants learned how to create a stencil. Students utilized household ingredients and condiments as alternative pigments and through experimentation look for the best results and applicable medium.

Materials needed:

  • 11"x17" xerox or plain blank paper and cardstock or thicker paper of the same size

  • Pencil, pen to make the design

  • Erasers

  • Scissors (any size but the smaller the better) or X-acto knives (teens+adults only)

  • Tape (drafting tape work best but any type of tape should be ok)

  • Kitchen Sponge (old one cut into various sizes should work)

  • Usable Pigments: Acrylic, Gouache,

  • Alternative (Home Based) Pigments: Cornstarch can be mixed with Turmeric & mustard, soy sauce, beet juice, crushed blueberries, etc.

  • Clean-up Materials: Containers with water, paper towels or cotton rags for wiping, Degreaser or Dishwashing soap

Watch the recording below and create your own stencils at home. Thank you Ernesto for hosting a great workshop that any can participate in. You can view our latest exhibition online here. Visit Ernesto's website to learn more about his work in his community and his art. The video of the workshop and list of materials needed is below.

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