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Stencil Workshop with Ernesto Vazquez

Updated: May 19, 2021

As part of our programming for CSPG's latest exhibition, Activist, Artists, and Sisters: Posters on Women Fighting for Justice, artist Ernesto Vazquez hosted a stencil workshop. Watch the recording and make your own stencils at home with a few basic supplies. Thank you Ernesto for hosting a great workshop that any can participate in. You can view our latest exhibition online here. Visit Ernesto's website to learn more about his work in his community and his art. The video of the workshop and list of materials needed is below.


Ernesto Vazquez will lead participants in creating a multicolored design without aerosol spray paint or screen printing equipment. Using acrylic paints and a sponge, participants will apply paint to go through their paper stencil designs to the bottom paper or canvas creating a painted image of the shape they are stenciling. Various colors create depth and a more intriguing piece when finished. The more colors applied the more intricate the design. For this workshop, we will be creating a 3 color stencil design with the concept of Light, Medium, Dark to overlay the colors with the darkest color on top. Materials Needed: Thick Bristol Paper where the paint will be applied. •Thin paper for the stencils(same size as the bristol paper. •Scissors to cut the design of stencils. •Pencil to design the artwork. •Drafting tape, to hold Bristol and stencil paper in place. •Sponge, as the applicator of paint for the stencils (dish washing sponge works fine). •Paints; acrylic or gouache preferred. •Container with Water(if needed to dilute paint) •Paper towels or cloth towels for clean up

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