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Stop Bombing Gaza — Poster of the Week


David Solnit

Based on poster designed by Laura King and Charles Cohan

Photo by Mohammed Abed, Agence France-Pressse, 2021

Digital Print, 2023

San Francisco, CA


Design by Laura King and Charles Cohan

Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)

Printed at Peace Press

Offset, Circa 1984

Los Angeles, CA


Note: This poster was widely distributed in the 1980s;

variations were also printed in Washington D.C.

and at Inkworks Press in Berkeley, all under the

auspices of CISPES.

As the bombing of Gaza continues, the demands for immediate ceasefire are escalating. Starvation and lack of medical care are adding to the tens of thousands of casualties from bombs and bullets. A majority of likely voters in the U.S. support a permanent cease fire and call for diplomacy, yet the U.S. will not call for a cease fire, even vetoing last month's UN resolution for a cease fire.

The growing international and domestic support for a cease fire in Gaza is reflected in the increasing number of posters worldwide demanding “CEASE FIRE NOW” or “STOP BOMBING GAZA” – including CSPG’s Poster of the Week.

It is based on a forty-year-old poster that demanded: Stop Bombing El Salvador. The Salvadoran child in the mid-1980s poster was replaced by a photo of a Palestinian girl sitting in front of her home in Gaza City, damaged by Israeli bombs in May 2021. International pressure stopped the 11-days of fighting between Israel and Hamas at that time. International pressure can stop it again. It must stop it.

Demand Cease Fire Now!

See if your Representatives in Congress support the Cease Fire Resolution. If yes, thank them. If no, write and call until they do.

Thanks to Lincoln Cushing for bringing these posters to our attention.

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