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Trans Power — Poster of the Week

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Trans Power

Rommy Torrico



Digital print, 2015

New Jersey


Poster Text & Translation:

in celebration and honor of trans lives

resistance, amor (love), community, seguridad (security), strength, orgullo (pride)

power, felicidad (happiness), belleza (beauty), liberation, celebration

Trans is Beautiful

TransLatin@Coalition The Voice of TransLatin@s in the USA

On bottom, in shadow of buildings:

Death Isolation Abuse Violence Persecution Detention Fear Humiliation Rape


People around the world observe International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) each year on March 31st. TDOV celebrates and recognizes the accomplishments and lives of transgender people. In contrast, Trans Day of Remembrance, celebrated in November, is a day to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia. TDOV is a time to bring awareness to the discrimination, poverty, and violence facing the transgender and gender nonconforming community.

While the transgender community has gained greater visibility and representation in the media in recent years, lawmakers in the United States are drafting and passing historic anti-trans legislation. Anti-trans bills have been passed in fourteen states, introducing laws that exclude trans people from accessing gender-affirming healthcare, participating in sports, banning LGBTQIA+ books, and restricting teaching about sexuality and gender in schools before 5th grade. These bills are a horrendous attempt at erasing transgender people from daily life and an effort to deny transgender people their human rights. Today’s headlines demonstrate this, as the hostile right are using the Nashville shooting case to demonize trans people.

On Trans Day of Visibility we must also acknowledge that efforts made in increasing visibility and protections of transgender and gender nonconforming people have only been possible because of the efforts of trans advocates and activists, especially Black Trans women. At a time when trans rights are slipping backwards, it is important to recognize the power in trans existence. Trans people are parents, children, siblings, and friends.



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