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War is not Healthy — Poster of the Week

War is not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things

Lorraine Schneider

Another Mother for Peace

Offset, 1967

Beverly Hills, CA


In 1965, Lorraine Schneider, an activist, artist, and mother, submitted this design, originally titled “Primer” for a miniature design contest at Pratt Art Institute in New York. No submissions could be larger than 4 square inches, or 2” by 2”. Her image was seen as too simplistic and did not win, but it became one of the most famous political graphics of the era.

In 1967, 15 women met at the Beverly Hills home of Barbara Avedon, television screen-writer and peace activist, to discuss “doing something” about the war in Viet Nam. Another Mother for Peace (AMP) was formed, and Lorraine Schneider donated her design to be the organization’s logo.

Gerta Katz, art director for Another Mother for Peace for 18 years, incorporated Lorraine Schneider’s design into posters, flyers, newsletters, datebooks, buttons, cards, and jewelry, helping to promote it into an internationally recognized symbol for peace.

The call for peace is universal and constant. This poster, from nearly 60 years ago, speaks to the tragic deaths of children in the ongoing wars in Ukraine, Israel, and Palestine.


For those who want to support non-military options for peace between Israel and Palestine, we suggest:

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