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Meet our 2023 Getty MUI Archive and Research Intern

Greetings! I'm Isaias Lopez, originally from Los Angeles, CA.

I embarked on my educational journey at Santa Monica College, where I laid the foundation for my passion for history. Building upon that, I transferred to Cal State University, Long Beach, where I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in History.

Currently, I am working as a Collections and Research Intern at the esteemed Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG). This incredible opportunity is made possible through Getty Marrow's Undergraduate Internship Program (GMUI), which has provided me with a platform to explore and contribute to the preservation of political posters.

Among the vast array of remarkable artworks I've encountered at CSPG, one by Ricardo Levins Morales stands out. This particular poster captures the essence of my passion for history and social justice. It showcases a profound quote from Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, an inspiring feminist, unionist, and leader of the Industrial Workers of the World. Her words resonate powerfully: "History has a long-range perspective. It ultimately passes stern judgment on tyrants and vindicates those who fought, suffered, were imprisoned, and died for human freedom, against political oppression and economic slavery."

The importance of history cannot be emphasized enough. It holds immense power in shaping our perception of the world. This is precisely why the preservation of histories from marginalized groups is of utmost importance, particularly when confronted with state-sponsored attempts to erase and suppress these narratives. In a society where dominant narratives frequently silence or exclude the experiences of marginalized communities, history-from-below emerges as an indispensable tool of resistance. It empowers us to delve into the intricacies of our past, question prevailing narratives, and cultivate a historical record that is inclusive, accurate, and representative of diverse perspectives.

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