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Exhibition Guide

The plural feminismS acknowledges and honors the diversity of international women’s movements. This exhibition documents women’s struggles, leadership and activism throughout the world, and how posters are central to challenging oppressive conditions. Some posters assert the concept of “global feminism,” giving gender primacy over other issues. Others challenge the claim that gender is a defining and unifying issue. Posters explore class, race and gender as they show women at the forefront of struggles for human rights and social change. Powerful graphics depict diverse feminist issues from the suffragettes to the activism of the 1970s to today. The family unit, childcare, labor, ecology, trafficking and violence are just some of the topics covered. By expanding the definition of feminism, Reclaiming the F-Word should inspire women and men of all ages to be proud to call themselves feminists.


Funded in part by the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles and individual donors.


Note: Images appear in the order intended for exhibition display. Please contact us for more information on bringing an exhibition to your institution. 



To view the full Reclaiming the F-Word exhibition with annotations, browse the publication below.

Use the toolbar to navigate between pages, view fullscreen, and search annotations for key words and phrases.



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