Historically, the American flag has been used to express patriotism, encourage enlistment, and criticize public policy. It can embrace the ideals on which this country was founded, court controversy and dissent, or achieve both simultaneously. Show: The Flag is a graphic response to the outpouring of flags after the criminal tragedy of Sept 11, 2001, in combination with warnings against any criticism of the current Administration. Show: The Flag includes historical works produced as early as the 1960s, as well as artworks inspired by the September 11 attacks and their aftermath. This exhibition is both timely and necessary. Civil dissent at this moment seems in jeopardy, because it has recently been interpreted as a threat to democracy; in fact, it has always been at the heart of promoting a free and democratic society.

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Censorship Is UnAmerican

I Pledge Allegiance


America: Dying For Business

Who Profits From Your Pride?


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