The oppression of women and gays crosses class, race, ethnic, and gender lines. Sexism and homophobia are violations of human rights, though the media underplay them. Whether institutionalized through legislation or culturally through physical violence or psychological oppression, these forms of prejudice and discrimination are deeply rooted. Sexism and homophobia frequently overlap, and anyone not following rigidly enforced sex roles is suspect: a strong woman is a "dyke," a man who doesn't fight, a "sissy." Despite decades of positive role models engendered by the women's and gay liberation movements, discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation continues. Recent gains remain tentative and subject to reversal. Affirmative action is threatened; Congress debates same-sex marriage; openly lesbian or gay men are excluded from the military; lesbian and gay parents are denied custody of their children; gay-bashing and date rape are increasing. Sex, Lies and Stereotypes juxtaposes old and new posters in dramatic and bold visual styles in order to document the ongoing international struggle to secure freedom from gender-role discrimination. The purposeful exposure of these controversial issues is intended to stimulate thought and debate and to show the importance of art in communicating both problems and potential solutions.

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Beautifully Slim ... At Last

Stand by Your Man

Women Are Not Chicks

Oh, So That Explains the Difference in Our Salaries!

Marcha Nacional Contra la Represion

Lesbians Are Coming Out in Full Force!


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