Global Warming. Arsenic in drinking water. Pesticide Poisoning. Environmental Racism. Nuclear Waste Disposal. Irradiated and Genetically Modified Food. The list is endless. Where pollution is concerned, the world is a global village where no continent, country, or neighborhood is safe. Multinational corporations' insatiable need for new markets and greater profits consistently overrides environmental concerns, and few governments oppose them. But these posters convey an increasing sense of urgency, as international artists continue to use the power of graphics to organize a frontline of defense against rapidly escalating pollution.

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Part I. Early Environmental Awareness

Part VII. Nuclear Power And Waste
Part II. Global Warming Part VIII. Environmental Disasters
Part III. Water Pollution Part IX. Environmental Racism
Part IV. Air Pollution Part X. Martyrs
Part V. Deforestation Part XI. Green Alternatives
Part VI. Pesticides And G.M.O.s Part XII. Visions For The Future

Selected Posters from Earth, Wind & Solar

Ecology Now

Yuk! It's Been Irradiated!

Wir Haben die Erde von Unseren Kindern Nur ...

Zurück zur Natur
[Back To Nature]

Stop Pesticides Use



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