A missed paycheck, a health crisis, or an unpaid bill are all that separate many people from homelessness. As America’s income gap widens, renters worry if they can ever buy homes of their own—or keep their rentals through retirement. The lack of affordable housing is not just a U.S. problem. We Shall Not Be Moved uses domestic and international posters to show that homelessness and gentrification are major issues throughout the world—and from the U.S. to Europe to Australia, posters remain the resisters’ tools of choice. Posters announce demonstrations to oppose demolitions, support squatters’ rights to move into abandoned buildings, and organize tenants’ unions. They document victories, defeats, and ongoing confrontations. Posters both record these struggles, and are central to them. They show that victory does not happen overnight—it can take years—but it is possible to fight city hall and the developers and win.

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Part I. Introduction  
Part II. Development & Speculation  
Part III. Homelessness & Poverty  
Part IV. Organizing Resistance  
Part V. War & Displacement  
Part VI. Conclusion  
Selected Posters from We Shall Not Be Moved

Profits Are Destroying
Our Homes

Fight for the
International Hotel

They Want Us To Leave


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